Monday 6 June 2016

Hello Monday

hello sickness so much for being better before I went away! I wasn't, and the cold snap made me even sicker than last week! Hopefully, it's just a sinus infection that will disappear as the week goes on, otherwise I'll be at the doctors by the end of the week.

hello sewing it's funny how a weekend away can inspire you to keep going. I started a project that I a) didn't expect to actually start and b) am now inspired to finish. Sophie is off to daycare tomorrow, and Steve will be sleeping for half the day, so I'm hoping to pull my machine out again, and get sewing.

hello baking I love a recipe that takes less than five minutes to whip up, and that I actually have the ingredients for. That's why I love muffins so much, but the kids are a little bored of the same old recipes, so this week I'm on a mission to find something that doesn't have bananas or peanut butter in it, that is quick to make, and actually gets eaten!

hello June It feels like it snuck up on us, but it happens at the same speed every year. June is here, and so is winter, and Christmas and summer aren't far behind.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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