Tuesday 21 June 2016

Why I don't mind paying my electricity bill

Have you ever answered a question, and shut down a discussion? Whenever that old chestnut "how much is your electricity bill?" pops up, I try really hard not to answer the question. But quite often I get caught up in the moment of sharing with friends, and blurt it out. End of discussion.

Because my bill is high. And has been high for over ten years.

And while costs have gone up (and my bill has remained steadily the same for those same ten years) when I tell you the number, it will stop all discussion.

Once others get over the shock, the probing questions start.

"Has an electrician checked your wires?" yes, thanks

"Do you have a clothes dryer?" yes, and I love it.

"My bill is only $300, why is yours so high?" well, aside from the fact that you work outside the home, see above.

And as much as it irks Steve endlessly to be paying so much money to the electricity company, he lasts about five minutes in his turn all the power points off tirades.

Because I do love my clothes dryer, it runs every day.

And as a big family, the washing machine runs at least once every day (although today I've done 3 loads)

And while it's winter at the moment, come summer, we'll be running two air conditioners; one of those 24 hours a day if Steve is still on night shift.

So, while my electricity bill seems excessive to you, I'm happy to pay it.

{Yes, I use my clothes line. Yes, I know all about climate change. Yes, I have solar hot water.}

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  1. I try hard not to use the clothes dryer and we don't have airconditioning and our bill is still massive....

  2. This winter I'm using the clothes dryer all the time. Our clothes line just doesn't get clothes dry in the winter months. #TeamIBOT

  3. I do prefer the freshness of the clothes line, but am not shy of using the dryer when needed. :)

  4. I do like using our clothes dryer too!

  5. Whatever works for you, I say!
    We've only just bought our very first dryer in almost 11 years of kiddom... AND I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!! No more hanging out 8542734 socks and undies!! Dry towels in winter! Winning!!!
    Oh and I don't care about the bill - my sanity is way more important :D

  6. Trent only ever uses the dryer, he wouldn't even know how to hang clothes on the clothesline I swear.

  7. I love this! I like how you have framed it up. Ours is high too....because like you I LOVE ELECTRICITY! :)

  8. I got a dryer when my babies were born and it was a lifechanger! I use it most days in winter to finish off the load that has been hanging out for a day or two. Things just never seem to dry properly in winter.

  9. Love love love my dryer! Cannot be bothered pegging out all those little toddler socks. Life's too short!

  10. I love this post! I to absolutely adore my dryer (especially when my 3yr old had a bout of gastro)!


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