Monday 27 June 2016

Hello Monday

hello cold weather It got ridiculously cold in Brisbane over the weekend. We've pulled out jumpers and beanies and extra blankets, and even had the heater on all day Sunday. I'm sure we'll thaw out by spring.

hello school holidays After an 11 week term, we're all looking forward to some breathing space and down time from the routine of school. Natalie, Riley and Sophie will still continue a mini-routine, heading out to vacation care and daycare a couple of times a week, and Douglas is heading to Melbourne for the second week, but we don't have to get up early each day (although my body clock doesn't seem to remember how to sleep in)

hello baking Today is all about baking cupcakes to share at daycare, and birthday cakes, because there's a birthday coming this week!

hello new car We lasted exactly one week before purchasing a second car. It suddenly occurred to us on Tuesday morning that we've got a planned trip to Melbourne this Christmas, and we now have a dog that needs to travel with us! Steve had noticed a car on Gumtree that needed a bit of work before registering, but had the vital tow ball and large cargo space (it's a station wagon) so purchased it on Friday afternoon. He started working on it today, determining what parts we need to purchase and trying to slip them into the future budget. Upside of buying a Ford, parts are way cheaper than you expect!

hello binge watching TV When Steve and I first discovered Game of Thrones, he was driving the truck at night, so we didn't get the chance to sit down every week to watch the new episode. We found that we really enjoyed watching a few episodes at a time, and do it with most series we're going to watch together. We finally started watching season 6 of GoT yesterday, and ploughed through 6 episodes before I called it a night. We're waiting for the last episode of the season to air before we watch the rest of the episodes.

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  1. We had the heating on all day Sunday too! I'm so glad we have heating, I know it would have been freezing in my MILs house.

  2. Yes, winter has arrived!! I'm looking forward to the children having holidays too - they're quite tired and cranky - and that makes everyone cranky!

  3. It's freezing! We're looking forward to heading to the Gold Coast on the weekend for some warmer weather. With my luck it'll suddenly start raining. Did you mention CAKIES?? *drools*

  4. Hubby and i did that with Stargate episodes, we used to binge watch them together. I am so looking forward to school holidays, the kids are starting to wear down too.

  5. Enjoy the school holidays. We still have a few days before we get to holidays here - but I'm looking forward to just relaxing for a while!


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