Tuesday 28 June 2016

Dear Sophie today you are 3

Dear Sophie

You have grown so much over the last year.

You love dancing at daycare, and jumping like a frog.

You sing loudly and proudly, 

and had the biggest smile on your face this morning when you told me you were 3 now

You love eggs and corn and watermelon and bananas and yoghurt 

(and sometimes refuse to eat anything else)

You love Daisy and Douglas, and always have hugs for dad when he gets home from work.

Last week you loved Peppa Pig, but then you discovered Dora, now you're torn between the two.
You stubbornly refuse to wear pants if you can avoid it, 

and hate having your hair brushed (but accept that it's a requirement of going to daycare)

You love it when Riley reads you a book, "The Very Cranky Bear" is your current favourite.

You're not much of a fan of the TV still, although The Octonauts and Dora have caught your eye.

The swing is your favourite place, you and Daisy often head out on your own.

You love to snuggle down in Natalie's bed with her, and watch Barbie movies 

(although you're really just pretending, and having hugs instead)

You are so very loved.

Happy Birthday Sophie


  1. What a lovely idea- my boy is turning 4 and I'm not really into the Facebook affirmation thing and have been trying to think of other things to do as a digital keepsake... And pants! What is with the hatred of pants (we're there every morning)

  2. What beautiful way to keep the memory of being three alive. #teamIBOT

  3. Happy birthday gorgeous girl! Hope you had a lovely one.


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