Friday 1 July 2016

Us in July

We are still getting used to a house with a big dog

We are dreaming of a camping adventure

We are in need of meal time inspiration

We are learning to play card games
He is working nights for the foreseeable future

and he's not very happy about it

He's itching to work on the new car

but as with all things money holds him back
She is rethinking goals for the year

and trying to embrace her word again

She is trying to find time to craft

but always gets distracted by stuff
He got consistent grades on his school report

but every teacher says he needs better management skills

He's in Melbourne for the second week of school holidays

it's quiet without him
She seems to be getting a little emotional lately

like puberty is on it's way

She is eager to learn to cook

but not so eager to clean her room
He is counting down to his birthday

(it's 3 months away)

He's a little bored of playing with girls

(it's only been 1 days since Douglas left)
She finally started talking to to her teachers at daycare this week

(hopefully she keeps it up this week)

She loves on Daisy way too much

but Daisy takes it with good grace


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  1. What a FUN family photo! Sounds like things are going well in your world right now!


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