Monday 4 July 2016

Hello Monday

hello July only 174 days to Christmas. You're welcome.

hello second week of school holidays with Douglas away this week, days move with a different rhythm. I'd like to say there's less bickering, but that would be a lie.

hello school diary Douglas got consistent grades on his report last semester, but every teacher without fail said he needed to become more organised and get work finished. This does not surprise me, I'm pretty sure every one of my teachers said exactly the same thing about me. We need to have a refresher lesson in using the school diary.

hello raking one of the hardest parts of a tight budget is it feels like it's impossible to do anything without money. We're slowly reminding ourselves that while it's difficult to buy things without money, simple tricks like raking the yard can make a difference to how it looks. Now if only we could remember to apply these lessons to other areas of our house.

hello goals I think I've mentioned a couple of times that I need to reassess my goals. It's not so much that they're not important, more that I can't even remember what they were, or why I chose them, or how to reach them. Time to get stuck in this week.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. I am so terrible at putting things away, but the house looks so much nicer when I do. Practice...probably forever haha.

  2. oh man that fire looks warm! Our house is littered with junk at the moment after moving, everything looks so much better in its proper place. Makes such a difference to your state of mind too.

  3. I do stuff like raking, trimming plants and cleaning up this garden that is not ours...because I get rid of some anxiety and I feel better afterwards. I admire you for meeting your challenges. And hey, no kid ever gets their act together in High School for quite some in the HSC year (that was me, anyway!) D

  4. bahahaha I can't remember most of my goals too.

  5. I think my son will be getting the same comments from teachers next year when he finally gets to high school too! Being organised is not his forte...

  6. Enjoy the holidays! I don't care what people say, money really does make things a lot easier in life ...

  7. My goal posts keep moving all the time. Mainly because I keep finding new things to occupy my time and the old stuff goes by the wayside. I really should slow down a bit and focus on a couple of things.
    Most definitely on the slippery slide to Christmas now! My kids start school holidays on Friday, two blissful weeks of sleeping in. Yay. We have a busy two weeks ahead though.


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