Monday 25 July 2016

Hello Monday

hello sister My sister has been at a Your Inspiration at Home conference this past weekend, and is coming to visit us today. We haven't seen each other since her wedding two years ago (and now we have a growly dog, and a hesitant Sophie, today will be an interesting day!)

hello baking With her conference comes some exciting new products to try, and I get first crack! Combinations like Tumeric Chai White Chocolate Latte powder, and Aussie Works Burger spice rub. She also got some exclusive conference-only products that we're going to brainstorm ideas for. (Consultants get the chance to submit recipes for use in company publications, too)

hello gardening Just like housework, the process of tidying a garden is never-ending, because things grow! But we seem to be getting a lot of use out of our backyard at the moment, so we'll try to keep on top of the weeds and sticks that appear with great regularity (leaves are starting to drop off the Jacaranda, too, it's almost Spring!)

hello blog maintenance Removing broken links and updating missing pictures is labour-intensive work, but a necessary evil, so I try to have a poke around a couple of times a year. Usually, I do it as the mood strikes (or I remember), but I want to try and have a dedicated time, so I've slotted it into the calendar, and this is the week. (Looking through the archives also gives me ideas for posts I want to update, or new ideas to write about)

hello, Monday, a new start every week

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  1. I have an entire blog that needs the photos updated. They're all broken and crappy from imports from old blogging platforms. I'm very much putting it off. Maybe over Christmas this year I'll do it!

  2. Fake grass and no garden = no maintained centre for us, thank God! I need to keep fixing broken links too.

  3. Hoping you,have a lovely time with your sister - and those baking ingredients sound most exotic. I admire your gardening in the winter, and amazed you can still be outside in yours at this time of year!

  4. I need to set aside some time to re-do photos, revisit posts and update links - thanks for the reminder Cate!

  5. Thanks for the reminder - broken links - I keep meaning to do that too!

  6. I am so ready for Spring! I pulled some weeds today while I picked a bunch of flowers. It's been so cold, wet and windy for ages and I haven't been out in the garden for what seems ages. It is nice to have some flowers on the table.
    Have fun with your sister and cooking up some yummy food.

  7. I need to do some blog tweaking too. I hope you enjoy the time with your sister and trying out new products. It sounds rather tasty.


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