Monday 1 August 2016

Hello Monday

hello August only 146 sleeps to Christmas, meaning 152 sleeps to 2017. The year is almost two thirds over, but it feels like it's still beginning.

hello goals I'm not often successful at acheiving my goals, so often give up before I start in a self-defeating attitude. I'd like to try and turn that around, because it's always so exciting when I do actually finish something. I'm going to start small this month with morning pages every day, handwriting practice, and regular blog posts.

hello shopping You might have seen my garden bed clean up last week if you follow me on instagram. Now that we're embracing the backyard a lot more, I had the idea of setting up a fairy garden in a random concrete tree ring that's sitting in the middle of the yard. As I was talking to Steve about my idea, he suggested cleaning the garden bed out and using that instead. So we did. The kids had so much fun choosing plants to put into it on Saturday, and then planting and throwing seeds into the garden. And when I let them loose with blocks and cars and rocks and stuff, they entertained themselves for hours. I can see this space getting huge amounts of use.

hello Headspace I've mentioned previously that we've had some problems with Douglas' behaviour at home. I finally accepted that I couldn't help him or keep the other kids safe any more without some outside help. So we started the process of seeing a counsellor at Headspace. His school has been especially supportive when he's refused to go to school, and tried to encourage him to look for solutions to problems instead of exploding in anger. Fingers crossed we can take that further with Headspace.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. Oh what! Surely there are more days than that until Christmas. This year has just gone way too fast.

    Just followed you on instagram as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your gardening.


  2. I've always thought of my daughter's birthday (6 Aug) as the start of the countdown to the end of the year and you mirror that. I am glad that you are getting professional help for Douglas and the school is supportive. That is a WIN.

  3. OH please don't remind me about Christmas ... it comes around way too fast!

  4. So pleased you are getting support for Douglas - fingers crossed that will help the entire family and help him better regulate his behaviour as well x

  5. It is great that you are getting help. Hopefully it makes things easier and improves them over time. The fairy garden sounds like a great idea and it looks like a lot of fun for the kids. You are achieving goals everyday ... cleaning out garden beds, working towards solving behaviour issues, writing a blog post ...

  6. Best of luck with Douglas, better tackling it now than later x
    Cannot wait until the cold, wind and rain go away and it warms up a bit, so I can get out in the garden, or find the motivation. I did get out there a fill up the green wheelie bin over the weekend though. Small steps lol


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