Monday 15 August 2016

Hello Monday

hello reading I've really been loving reading lately. I've decided that if I finish a book, it means I love it (life is too short to finish reading books you don't like) I've just started reading "The Frozen Dead" by Bernard Minier for my book club next month.

hello floordrobe I'm thinking it's time to admit defeat, and sort out the spare bed in our room, and find some clothes to wear! Not only is Sophie thinking about having her own bed (at least for day sleeps), but I have no idea what clothes I own that actually fit me these days, or whether I want to wear them.

hello gardening I realised last week as we got stuck into cleaning up a garden bed that we've lived in this house for 9 years, and never actually done anything with the gardens, except promise ourselves that we'd get to it one day. Well, we're not waiting any more, and plan to get stuck into each and every part of this messy space called a backyard.

hello weird weather heat yesterday has turned to rain clouds and wind today. Not that I mind the cool change, I just can't find my jumper, again!

hello Monday, a new start every week. 



  1. I do hope you will continue to do the garden as its so good to be outdoors before it gets too hot and to be seeing a project come together. Look forward to seeing and reading more about how it goes!!

  2. I so agree... life is too short to finish books you're not enjoying. When I was younger I used to feel guilty if I didn't read a book all the way through. It was as if I'd be judged by some unknown God of Books for not completing the whole text. Now...pfffttt. If I'm not enjoying it, I'll stick with it for a little bit to make sure, then I'll set it aside (or maybe peak at the end first just to see how it finished up).

  3. I have become better at throwing out clothes, I don't shop much, and yet somehow I still have too many? I don't understand it!

  4. I don't know why, but I still insist on reading everything to its very end. I know life is too short and yet I just keep on hoping the book will redeem itself. Seldom happens.

  5. I have a chest at the end of my bed, and my washed and folded clothes usually just get dumped there, until the pile gets ridiculous and I put them away. Typical mum thing, I put everyone else's clothes away but my own.
    I am loving seeing the sun a bit more, bring on Spring, and tidying up the garden :)

  6. My clothing also ends up dumped some place to rummage through. I think it is time for a clean out. I love reading and don't seem to get to really, well not books. I got rather excited that I finished a book while away.

  7. I agree, life is too short to finish reading a book you don't love. These days I find I have at least one "dud" every time I get books from the library. Oh well, at least it didn't cost me anything!


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