Wednesday 3 August 2016

Us in August

Each month, I take photos of my family, and each individual member. I do this for selfish reasons - because no photos exist from my childhood, because I'm getting old and forgetful, because I love having the images. I also hope that when they're grown up, these memories will serve as a sort of time capsule, a reminder that they lived a life every day that was worth photographing. It's a messy-hair-no-one-is-looking-at-the-camera reminder of a life lived every day.
We are counting down to a camping adventure in the not too distant future

[We are all tired and in need of a change of scene]

We are all enjoying the time spent outside

[even when there's arguments over who's turn it is to scoop]
He is changing rosters again this week

[back to days for a short while]

He is enjoying his morning walks with the dog

[even if she does confuse 3am for 5am]
She is already making Christmas plans

[only 144 sleeps]

She is eager to finish sewing a quilt

[only 2 blocks and the binding to do]
He is trying hard to complete homework each week

[there's a fish tank in it for him, if he keeps it up all term]

He walks the dog each evening

[and scores a few pokemon on the way]
She wants to learn to cook more evening meals

[or bake cakes and slices, anything that gets her in the kitchen]

She hates watching "boys shows" on tv

[and is happiest in the evening with a movie or book in her room]
He needs to practise his handwriting for school

[but hates the repetition of writing the same thing over and over]

He still loves to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube

[and dreams of having parents who understand what he's talking about]
She has finally learnt to be gentle with Daisy

[but still loves on her a little bit too hard]

She talks about her friends at daycare endlessly

[but still has a bit of separation anxiety in the mornings]

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  1. Wow, those kids are certainly growing up! I do think these posts will be such a treasure trove of memories!


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