Wednesday 21 December 2016

Best of 2016, as picked by me

2016 has been a hard year for lots of people. There just seems to be something in the air that has made it feel like a struggle. Personally, spending so much of the year being low in iron and not realising it (although I had on occassion wondered if that was the problem) really made it feel as if I was viewing the world through cotton wool.

But these last couple of months of vitamin supplements (if anyone knows the secret to not forgetting to take them, please share, I've forgotten again today!) has really changed me. While I'm still tired, it's just from getting up at 5am, and pushing myself to keep reading at 10pm instead of sleeping, not because I'm missing some vital ingredient in my body. And mentally I'm more alert and engaged in my world than I have been for most of the year, instead of just going through the motions (although let me tell you, school holidays are not my friend this week!)

Because I've spent most of the year feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton wool, I haven't actually written many posts. While some would argue that 99 posts to December is quite a lot, at only 1 post every 3.5 days, I would argue that I have so much more to say! But, that average is in line with my total-posts-written-since-I-started average, so I'll take it as a win.

I love dipping into the archives of my blog. When life is busy, it isn't something that I do very often, but when I have time, like today, to sit and explore, it can bring back so many memories (and has always been my prime motivation for writing in the first place.) Back in 2013 I summarised 6 years of blogging in one post, then in 2015 I picked out a few posts that I loved, but I haven't really dived into the archives since then (although when I remember, Vanessa's link up at Bloggers & Bacon is a good way to keep checking the archives)

So, what have I written this year? Well, there's the differences in families with 1 child and 2 or more children, and I mentioned that having kids doesn't get better, just different. I shared more tips for using Facebook groups (OMG! Enough with the shopping in groups!), and the things I've learnt about marriage and from Harry Potter movies, from Daisy and a table.

I baked triple choc muffins that had the teenager saying were better than store-bought, and rediscovered the amazingness that is warm blueberry muffins fresh from the oven. I shared my thoughts on our male daycare teacher (and since I wrote that post our centre has 3 more male leaders in the big kids area that Sophie moves to next year.) I also learnt about how a post going viral is amazing and scary all at once, after our centre shared it on their page, and a few other people picked it up as well.

I've suggested ideas for using hampers at Christmas time instead of stuffing them in the cupboard, and mentioned our large electricity bill (which has reduced by $300 since our clothes dryer and dishwasher both died just after Steve lost his job in October) I've pondered a return to work, and stayed sane with a to-don't list this December, and remembered the uselessness that can sometimes be the best bit of blogging.

And as I write my Christmas shopping list, my thoughts invariably turn towards plans for 2017 (how could they not, I've been working on them for 2 months now!)

But you'll have to come back another day to hear all about those.



  1. Wow, I never thought to count my posts. I am very disorganised ha! I remember your post about male day carers. It was ace! I love reading stuff that shows a bit of fire and passion. I also loved your triple choc muffins ;)

  2. Wow 6 years of blogging, that is great work!

  3. A great year cate. You have so many pearls of wisdom in this year's vault along with memories and things that will surely make you smile again in the future when you stumble across them again. The blueberry muffin food memories are golden and yes, each stage of raising a child isn't something to wish away with "it gets better". Looking forward to reading more in 2017 x

  4. 9 years of blogging is a great achievement. Great timing ,that you have shared your triplechoc muffinsas Miss Moo has just requested that we make chocolate cake together for Christmas. I look forward to reading your posts in 2017. X

  5. So glad you're on the iron tablets and feeling better Cate. What a hard year being sub par. Those choc muffins look delicious. I feel like baking now. Looking forward to sharing the online world with you in 2017.

  6. I loved that post on male day care teachers. I never realised it would be a problem for people.


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