Tuesday 20 February 2018

7 ways we use essential oils

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Both my parents became qualified masseurs in my early teens. Essential oils were part of the job, although they both tended to stick to a group of 3 oils (or perhaps that was just dad's rule.)

As I moved into my own home, I've always had oil burners or candles or incense sticks burning, and a bottle of lavender and eucalyptus handy for sticky spots and nit prevention.

But it wasn't until mid-last year that I jumped into doTERRA, and only the last few months that we've really ramped up our oil usage around the house.

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Here are some of our current favourite blends.

Unless noted, recipes shared here are diffuser blends.

to motivate on sluggish mornings

4 motivate, 3 peppermint, 2 rosemary

Motivate is one of my favourite ever blends, and peppermint is probably my most favourite EO of all. This blend has become my personal perfume, and I've started popping it in the diffuser when I'm blogging, so I can link writing with the smell. I call it my ACTION blend.

to support anxiety

2 frankincense, 2 bergamot, 2 lavender

Our Gus is a bit of a fraidy-dog, being terrified of thunderstorms. As soon as I hear a storm rumbling, I pop this in the diffuser, and it helps calm the whole house down. This was also one of the very first diffuser blends we ever tried, and is a firm favourite for quiet evenings in bedrooms.

to ease respiratory struggles in cold weather

2 peppermint, 4 EasyAir

Last winter when I had the flu, this blend was great to help ease the snotty ache of sinus and help clear the gunk away. I also like to pop a few drops of EasyAir in the shower when I've got a sinus infection, helps me return to the land of the breathing.

to heal small wounds

12 frankincense, FCO (5ml roller bottle blend)

This was an unexpected discovery just before Christmas. I've been using a blend of fractionated coconut oil and frankincense on freshly shaved skin for a couple of months, so when Riley gave himself a carpet burn on his face I suggested he tried rubbing some oil on it to keep the skin soft.

The graze was healed and gone with minimal scarring in just under two weeks. Since then Steve has used it to heal cuts on his arm, and I've used it on a dermatitis spot with some relief.

to calm upset stomachs

20 DigestZen, FCO (10ml roller bottle blend)

Steve is not the best passenger. And it turns out that he's not a very good flyer, either. Both of which he does a lot of in his new job. So we popped some DigestZen into a roller bottle, and he uses it before every flight and awkward car trip with great results.

to aid sleep habits

2 cedarwood, 2 vetiver, 1 lavender, 1 bergamot

Natalie has been having a terrible time sleeping for a few months now. Her brain gets anxious that she will struggle falling asleep, so we've set a few things up to help her. So far, this is her favourite diffuser blend, and works to signal her brain that it's time to switch off and sleep.

to clean and freshen

10 lemon, 10 OnGuard, clove

I use straight clove oil on the walls of my shower, and add lemon and OnGuard to my mopping bucket. The house smells great, and the mould in the shower stays away for a couple of months before I need to wipe again.


How do you use essential oils?
What's your favourite blend?

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  1. We use Peppermint oil in our house for various reasons. Mostly digestion related. And another one that the name eludes me for when Kel has issues with his asthma.


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