Tuesday 29 May 2018

Stop with the Spotto!

Inside - my kids are caught up in the SPOTTO craze, and it's contagious!

As I pull into the carpark, I spot a yellow car

"Spotto" I mutter to the empty car

"Argh, now they've got me doing it!"

It started in the summer school holidays.

"Spotto, white rabbits" they yelled in unison

"I said it first" started the bickering.

(Apparently, saying white rabbits at the end is supposed to stop every one else from being able to yell spotto)

"Where's the car then?" Natalie asks, "you can't just say it if you see one in the distance."

The rules have become quite complicated.

Buses are allowed, but not turning away cars.

Trucks are allowed, but you have to see the whole car to call SPOTTO!

"Unicorn!" she yelled in my ear walking to school one morning

"That's new, what's a unicorn?" I ask

"A pink or purple car is a unicorn, because they're rare."

(Have I mentioned yet that we have at least 3 neighbours with yellow cars? And 1 with a pink car?)

"Spotto, white rabbits!" pipes up Sophie's little voice early one morning as we get some bread for lunches. 

"Mum, spotto!"

"Mum, I saw it first"

Gah, the bickering over who saw it first!

"Spotto!" I yell as we cross the school oval, "you can all say it, it's not a competition."

"Spotto!" they all yell.

I've even threatened to repaint my car yellow, just to annoy them so they have to say it every time they get in the car, but they think that's a cool idea.

I can't help but get caught up in the excitement of noticing yellow cars, but when will they get that excited about homework? 

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Have your kids got the SPOTTO bug?
Have you caught it yet? 

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  1. Bahaha I love this. It stops kids watching their phones and just adds another layer to a conversation. Perfect I say.


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