Thursday 21 March 2019

5 things I am not very good at

I was told off a few weeks ago for always writing negative stuff in my newsletter.

I totally understood where the person was coming from.

But it smarted a bit.

Because my intention had been to say "I noticed I had this problem, but here is how I fixed it."

Seems I'd been falling down on the "here's how I fixed it" bit.

In the last couple of years, I've grown and changed as a person so much.

If we're close, you might not have noticed it as much, because I'm still my anxious, self-deprecating self, but just yesterday someone complimented me on being open and easy to approach.

I put it down to choosing fantastic words to guide my years (growth in 2017, action in 2018, cultivate in 2019), and finally doing the work.

Mindset work, that is.

But for all my personal development, there are still things in my days that I am not so very good at.

I am not very good at knitting.

In fact, Riley wants me to teach him to knit these holidays, but I'm just not sure that I can. I know how to knit, I just can't do more than a few rows before they get tighter and tighter, and smaller and smaller.

I am not very good at housework.

This has been an ongoing problem my whole entire life.

My idea of hell would be living in a house that requires the floor being mopped as I walked out of the house, so it was clean when I got home.

I am not very good at not eating white bread.

A couple of days ago, a friend suggested I'd lost weight.

No, I've just skipped a couple of lunches because I've been busy, and no sandwiches for lunch means no bloating afterwards, so I look like I've lost weight.

There's a moral in there somewhere?!

I am not very good at keeping my emotions in check.

I recently came to the conclusion that I'm an empath, and a highly sensitive person.

These two things combined make me really sensitive to other people's emotions, and being highly emotional myself.

Sometimes that can be a heavy burden.

I am not very consistent at writing blog posts.

Crazy, I know, because I'm writing one now.

But I have struggled for almost a month to know what words to write, about anything.

I think the floodgates have opened today.

What things are you not very good at?


  1. Great to see you back to (hopefully) regular blogging! Whilst you have mentioned things you don't think you're good at, there is another side to the story ... you may not be good at knitting at this moment in time, but if you and Riley sit down together and learn together, you'll both get better. You know you knit to tight, so be aware of that and don't pull the wool so tightly! Not very good at housework? Pick one thing to change each month. I used to be dreadful about not clearing all the washing up after our evening meal and I hated coming down to a messy sink in the mornings. So now we make a concentrated effort to always put the dishwasher on as soon as we have finished eating, and tackling the bits that have to be hand washed just before we go to bed. It's a pain at the time, but I love coming down to a tidy kitchen the next day. Not eating white bread? I hear you. That's it for me too! Keeping emotions in check, that's not such a bad thing, and much better for you than the opposite. Inconsistency at writing blogs, that one I can't forgive - we need more Purple Door in bogland ;-)

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  3. I love Debs warm and empathic response above :). As a non-knitter (well, 'non' in the sense that I still have a baby's matinee jacket on the needles and the intended recipient will be 39 this year!), I can offer no advice whatsoever! But it's great to see you back in blogland - I am looking forward to the "5 Things I Am Very Good At" post :).


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