Wednesday 1 May 2019

Write Every Day in May

As I sat down last week to write my newsletter, after a couple of weeks off, I realised that I had again stopped making writing a priority.

Although my excuses to myself were always "I'm busy" or "I'm tired", it really came down to "it's not a priority"

And I want it to be a priority.

How can I call myself a writer, if I'm not writing?

(This was always my struggle when I was writing for other people as a freelance writer, and now as an employee.)

So I wrote in that newsletter that I was committing to writing every day in May.

And I haven't lifted a finger since then.

I was scared to start.

Afraid I'd have nothing to say.

Would the words find their way from my brain to my finger tips?


This morning I was chatting to a mum at school.

It's been a few weeks since I've seen her (school holidays and all that), so we talked for almost an hour.

And as I walked away from her towards my car I realised I have something to say.

And I have a platform to say it.

So I need to stop doubting myself, and just write.

Now that the laundry is done, and the rubbish the dogs spread across the floor is picked up, and the computer is rebooted, I can start.


So I'm going to write something every day.

And while I've debated with myself about the need for prompts or not, I'm going to have to say I need the guidelines for myself.

Wednesday, May 1st - this post

Thursday, May 2nd - Let's start nice and easy. What's in your fridge? Do you have a preferred method of stacking it? Or do you lose everything and find it when it smells?

Friday, May 3rd - It's time for 5 on Friday! Share 5 things that you're good at. (Because I wrote about 5 things I wasn't good at, but never got around to writing the flip side.)

Saturday, May 4th - May the force be with you today! Do you have spiritual or religious beliefs? Do you share them openly with others, or keep them to yourself?

Sunday, May 5th - Sunday Funday! Do you do anything special on a Sunday to set it apart from the rest of the week?

Monday, May 6th - It's the Labor Day public holiday in Queensland today. And the Week in the Life™ project starts! How many photos do you have on your phone today? Do you have a process for backing them up? How do you use your photos?

Tuesday, May 7th - It's a work day today! How do you balance all your hats? Is it possible to balance life?

Wednesday, May 8th - My mum turns 66 today! Tell me, what do you want to be known for when you die?

Thursday, May 9th - It is said that routines and habits make life easier. Do you have a morning routine? A daily or weekly routine? Has it made your life easier?

Friday, May 10th - I'm travelling to Hobart today to share Chloe's birthday weekend with her! What's your number one tip for travelling anywhere?

Saturday, May 11th - I'm playing tourist in Hobart today, so show me photos from your day!

Sunday, May 12th - Chloe turns 21 today! Write a letter to your 21 year old self, and share a life lesson or two you wished you'd known earlier.

Monday, May 13th - I'm heading home from my weekend in Hobart today. What tips do you have for staying connected with teen or adult children who are moving out into their own lives?

Tuesday, May 14th - Do you have a hobby (or hobbies)? How did you get started in it? Is it an every day thing, or just a sometimes thing?

Wednesday, May 15th - What do you eat for breakfast each day? Is it the same every day, or different? Do you make the time to cook something, or inhale food as you walk out the door?

Thursday, May 16th - Have you learnt something new recently? Was it a passion skill, or a work skill?

Friday, May 17th - What were the last five books you read? Would you recommend them to others?

Saturday, May 18th - Saturdays are for... What does a normal Saturday look like for you? Share some photos from your day.

Sunday, May 19th - Do you use affirmations? Have they worked for you? Which ones do you use?

Monday, May 20th - What was the last thing you googled? Did you find the answer you were looking for? Share it with us.

Tuesday, May 21st - Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Do you know yours? Is it accurate?

Wednesday, May 22nd - What was the last thing you pinned on pinterest? Share a round up of posts on the topic.

Thursday, May 23rd - Lunch boxes are a fact of life when you've got kids. Show us inside your (or your kids) lunch boxes. Do you eat the same every day, or do you like variety?

Friday, May 24th - What topic are you currently obsessed with? Was it the last thing you pinned or googled, or something completely different? Share some information with us.

Saturday, May 25th - Let's get outside today. Take us to your favourite place away your house, and tell us the story of it.

Sunday, May 26th - Share a favourite quote.

Monday, May 27th - So many people dread Mondays. What tips have you got for celebrating Monday, instead of dreading it?

Tuesday, May 28th - Do you have goals for June, or the next quarter? How will you reach them?

Wednesday, May 29th - We're nearing the end of the month. What have you learnt from writing every day in May?

Thursday, May 30th - Tell me something about yourself I don't already know.

Friday, May 31st - You made it to the end! Let's celebrate with cake. Share a recipe round up of cakes you'd like to bake.

Phew, that was a huge list to put together!

If you're a writer or blogger, I'd love it if you joined me on this month long journey.

If not, I hope you stick around and keep me accountable!


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  1. Great to see your blog post plan - see you tomorrow (meanwhile I will be tidying and cleaning my fridge!)


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