Monday 3 June 2019

Hello Monday

Inside - hello Monday is a semi-regular welcome to the week ahead, by embracing the challenges head on, I hope to become more aware of them and work towards change. 

hello June! Ah, the cooler winter months are finally upon us in Queensland. The heater is dusted off, the dog jackets are ready for sewing, and the cough medicine is handy because we're all sick again.

hello hospital appointment. Back in February I was diagnosed as having fatty liver disease. I had my first specialist appointment today, to get a health baseline, and organise a few more specialist tests. 11 vials of blood, 5 minutes with the actual specialist and $21 for car parking and I'm home again with another exhortation to lose weight and reduce carbs.

hello website audit. When the principal offered me my job, I asked her "why me?" She responded "because you're passionate about our school, and I think you know what you're doing." I told her I very much doubted that, but I'd give it a go. Turns out that I do actually know what I'm talking about, and updating the words on the school website is one of the first tasks I'm undertaking.

hello Designated Survivor. Season 2 is starting on Netflix this week. Like books, I rarely keep watching a show after the first episode or two if it doesn't really capture my attention, but the whole premise of this show had me hooked. And Keifer Sutherland.

hello self-responsibility. I heard this term on a podcast recently, and it kind of stuck with me. In my usual Cate-way, I googled, and pondered, and realised that the reason it spoke to me was because it was something that was lacking in my life. And once I was aware of that lack, I realised I was the only one who could change it. Kind of like dropping the ball on blogging every day in May. I only have myself and my excuses to blame, but now I'm aware, I can take steps to change and move forward.

hello Monday. A new start every week.


  1. Hello to you!! Loved this post. Hope your liver recovers soon and that life bumbles along well for you and your family. I am also a Designated Survivor fan, I mean, hello, Keiffer!!

  2. Hope you find a way to manage your liver problems, it's amazing what a health scare can do to make you stick to good diet intentions. I know because I had a pre-diabetes scare in January and am now half a stone less in weight than I was then!
    I'm a Designated Survivor fan too, haven't finished Season 1 yet but was hooked from the first episode.
    I did wonder what happened to your 'blog every day in May' idea .... ;-)


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