Monday 5 August 2019

Hello Monday

 inside - hello Monday is part goal setting, part accountability, all story-of-right-now.

hello new computer. After months of struggling with my 8 year old computer, it was finally crunch time to retire it. But it means getting used to a new keyboard (so many location changes!), moving all my files from the old computer (so many photos!), and deciding if I can live with Windows 10 (insert eye roll here!)

hello music. Driving home from my girls weekend away yesterday, my girlfriend introduced me to Rose Ave. If you haven't listened to the album yet, check it out on Spotify.

hello organising. Part of having the new computer has meant a room reshuffle. For the last twelve years my desk has been in the lounge room, with assorted shelves and piles of clutter. But I really wanted to move my desk and computer into my craft room so I would actually be in the room more, and potentially use it more. Which means absorbing 12 years of files and paper and books and desk clutter into my craft room clutter. It's an ongoing process.

hello baking. I promised a post sharing my chocolate melting moments recipe... and then the dogs ate them. Literally, my dogs ate my homework. (And they were very sick and sorry for themselves for a couple of days) This week I need to bake another batch, and make sure they get put away in the cupboard, away from hungry dogs!

hello instagram. Instagram and I have a touch and go relationship. I love the photo sharing and story telling aspect, but the consistency and comparisonitis aspect has made me stay away. But my friend set me a 30 day challenge to keep posting, and I'm going to try really hard to keep going. (And now that you can schedule natively, I see a new weekend routine in my future.)

Hello Monday, a new start every week.

What are you saying hello to today?

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  1. Hello Cate! Those biscuits look delicious but I can only begin to imagine how poorly they made your dogs - chocolate is one of those banned for dogs foods isn't it? And now they know why!


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