Saturday 9 May 2020

On my mind right now

This post is on my mind right now.

I've been mentally writing it out for the last couple of days, after inspiration struck in the shower. At 3.50pm Saturday afternoon, I'm finally getting it out of my head, onto the keyboard.

Committee reports are on my mind right now.

In the new normal, committees have scrambled to find a way to still host meetings. We've decided to use Zoom, after weighing all the requirements. Now it's time to write the reports, so we can send them out to members, so it isn't a lengthy meeting.

Social distancing requirements are on my mind right now.

Requirements are being eased in Queensland over the coming months. My book club group has jumped at the opportunity to gather at a local cafe next weekend, but I'm feeling a little wary now the excitement of meeting up with friends is wearing off.

Getting to know my Silhouette Cameo is on my mind right now.

I have wanted a Cameo for a few years now. Many years ago, I purchased a Pazzles, but could never quite understand the program, so the machine has been gathering dust. A couple of weeks ago I was joking with Steve that I should get a Cameo at last, and after a bit of searching, we realised that we could afford it. Cue all the happy dancing when it arrived on a Sunday, and I unpacked it and got using it right away!

Making cards is on my mind right now.

I bought a couple of things from Stampin Up! Last month, but they're still sitting untouched. I need to make up the card kit so I can finally send some cards to cheer people up.

Monthly cycles are on my mind right now.

The weirdness of menopause against the newness of teen cycles is loud in our house right now. As we navigate these new waters, I'm trying to encourage Natalie not to be embarrassed, and to not keep secrets from the boys either. Much sniggering is happening from all parties at the moment.

Taking photos is on my mind right now.

I've come to realise that it's really hard to scrapbook without photos. Sounds obvious, but as the days blur into one another, being conscious of capturing moments is playing on my mind. Fortunately, the Week In The Life® starts on Monday, so I'm going to pick up my big camera and capture right now.

Making time for things that feed my soul is on my mind right now.

I joined the Potential Psychology Self Care Club a few weeks ago. It's been a gentle dive into why self care is important, and chats with others about how we each choose to do self care. Friday's discussion was around hobbies. I realised that while I jump to answer the FitBit buzz of messages from my committee members, I haven't been answering the buzz of my hobbies. Something I need to think about changing, and how. 

What's on your mind right now?


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  1. This enforced time at home has certainly given us all time to work out how best to look after everyone - including ourselves - at this very odd time. Have fun with that new piece of crafty goodness!


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