Tuesday 2 June 2020

A playlist for right now

We joined Spotify's family plan about a year ago.

I'd had an account for a couple of years prior, but never turned it on, mostly preferring to dive into my iTunes lists of old and new music.

I've always loved randomly checking out Top 50 lists, and purchasing from those lists. I've ended up with a mix of perfect tunes, and absolute duds that I never listened to again.

But Spotify has changed how we do music around here.

I've discovered new tunes, thanks to other people's playlists. And noticed that my teenagers love similar music to me (and also wildly different tunes)

Quickly hooking up my phone to the speaker means our mornings can have music, and popping in headphones lets me play tunes (and sing out loud) while cleaning the kitchen or preparing dinner each night.

These songs are my favourite right now, when I hear them in my ears I want to jump up and dance and sing, although the teens are right on the edge of hating them 😂

What are your favourite songs right now?


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