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Saturday, 5 January 2008

we dare you...

So, I've been playing at a new forum - mystical scrapbooking - and they have a challenge going at the moment "we dare you", based on some scrapper's book (who's name I completely forget, but I know it looked good, so I ordered it).

Challenge one was to write a positive affirmation about you in a LO... and I was completely stumped, until I hunted out this photo of me... and then I knew that it had to be my smile. See, I'm the one behind the camera, and I haven't really mastered the art of taking self-portraits yet, so there are few photos of me around.

The flourish is cut out from Daisy Bucket - Whimsical Ladies - Princess Caroline... I cut the whole thing out, but it didn't fit, so I had to modify, and only ended up with this small portion of the flourish. The flowers are Primas - quick picks, and forever flowers, and there's also Kaisercraft bling, which I love.

You can't see clearly in the photo, but I did doodle dots all the way around the flourish, and around each word "mother, daughter, sister, lover", just to break up the simplicity of the LO. I tried to upload to the gallery, but photobucket sucks tonight, so it's here instead... there's alwys tomorrow!!

Actually, it's a pretty cool challenge... at the end, if you complete all the LO's, you get an album to keep them in! I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep up... I haven't done very well with SWTS (which I do plan on catching up with over the course of however long it takes ~lol~)

That's me done, I'm off to snuggle down in bed with a book~lol~

Happy scrapping!!

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