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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

real life wednesday | confessions

I have never, ever, used the front left hand element of my stove.

This is the cleanest my stove has been for weeks (because I scrubbed it, not Douglas)

I mopped half the kitchen floor last week. Now I'll have to do it again, so I can do the other half.

I got cranky with Natalie this morning, when she told me as she was walking out the door that she didn't really eat breakfast, and was hungry.

I sent everyone else to school, cooked her toast, and drove her to school.

I've just changed internet/phone providers, and have a new landline number. I'm not going to give it to anyone, so I don't have to answer the phone.

I took cash out last Thursday to do my grocery shopping, and shopped to a menu plan and grocery list. I still have over $100 cash in my wallet, so I'll be trying this experiment again this week (and stashing the $100 away for a rainy day)

My belly is too big for all my clothes.

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  1. It drives me mad that my kids will go without breakfast but complain of being hungry. Also what have you got against the front left element of your stove?

    1. Nothing, I've just never had enough pots going to use it!

  2. What a fun look at your life today Cate! We often joke about getting new phone numbers & not sharing them with anyone so we won't have to answer the phone. LOL


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