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Saturday, 4 May 2013

day 4 | favourite quote

It's been almost two years since I wrote about my favourite quote - my mantra, if you will.

{do you know the original source?}
This quote has traveled with me for years - it's probably something my dad said to me growing up, but it was definitely part of my thinking in my early days as a single parent (I think I may have even mentioned it in my original applying-for-university-letter way back when.)

It's been an easy quote to forget, too, traveling along bumpy roads, feeling ready to throw the towel in. But it has a knack for reappearing when it's needed.


  1. I like your quote. I've read it before and it always makes me feel guilty. Especially on the weightloss front.

  2. It's a great quote, Cate, and so very true!

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  4. I am going to remember this one true! Thank-you,


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