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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

review | one handed cooks magazine

$12.95, available at Coles supermarkets, newsagents, or online.
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I had never heard of One Handed Cooks, until I stumbled on the magazine at the supermarket. The cover caught my eye, because the kids had just returned to school and the never-ending-lunchbox-refusal had started, and I was slightly burned out and looking for new ideas.

There's a variety of informative articles, from in season foods, to how to create tasting plates, and feed fussy eaters. There's money saving ideas, and themed recipe articles, too.

I liked that many of the recipes provided baby-, toddler-, and family-friendly options (although we're choosing to go straight for the toddler-versions, in line with our baby-led weaning philosophy) They're even easy enough to follow that Douglas is going to have a go at cooking this week!

I'll be on the lookout for this magazine next quarter. If you're looking for some baby-friendly meal ideas, maybe you need to try it, too.


  1. Will have a look for it next time we go shopping.

    1. I looked for it today but they didn't have it at coles. Must've sold out of this issue already. Will look out for the next one.

  2. I've not seen this, and it may not be available here, but it looks beautifully designed too.


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