Tuesday 3 November 2009

more online classes...

{told you I'm hopeless!}

I'm hoping this is a binder of some sort, similar to the "Stories in Hand" binder (I was thinking after I got the email this morning, Stories in Hand is the ONLY online class I have started AND FINISHED! Yay, me!)

And Shimelle announced this morning (or more accurately, last night, her time) Journal your Christmas 2009. I'm thinking I might finally do something digital (and I might be able to keep up that way), and then print it out at the end of January. I'm already planning to have a little notebook with me all the time (must pick some more up this afternoon) to take notes about the days, and photos I have taken.


  1. You've finished more online class albums than I have! I've yet to FINISH a JYC or any other ones I sign up for. I always think I'll finish ... but, alas ...

  2. What a great idea to do a holiday album in digital format! I may have to try that as well :)

  3. You sound like me.. I sign up for everything and have so far failed to finish anything! But I will one day (or so i tell myself..) Good luck with blogscrappers(?)

    Love your blog, your cookies look AMAZING!!


  4. I think I might go digital this year too. I might have a better chance finishing!


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