Thursday 3 December 2009

Christmas cards

This is what my cards look like tonight. My list is huge this year - in fact, I have almost 90 names on my Christmas card list this year. Some of those people I have never met - I signed up for a swap over at Bubhub, cause getting cards in the mail is really exciting. When I signed up for the swap, I hadn't counted the number of people on my list... that's why my cards, on December 3rd, look like they're not done. And, to top it all off, I spent two hours this afternoon (between feeding and settling the little boy, and entertaining the little girl, who hasn't slept today) stamping and embossing almost 80 cards... only to discover I did it UPSIDE DOWN! My cards are going to say "merry Christmas" on the front, and the back! I'll share my design when I finally finish them - I was inspired by Avital over at Creativity Prompt, and they don't involve ANY of the stamps that I HAD to buy to make my cards...

I started making my cards last year, cause I've always been one of those people who buys the cards from the supermarket/dollar store/department store... and then throws the cards in the bin in February, only to repeat the cycle the following December. I figured that if I poured a bit of myself into the cards, then I was more likely to actually send them. Do you make your cards? Are you organised enough to get them finished by December 1st (which was my goal)? Do you want to get a simple card all the way from Australia? (my email address is over on the right, send me your address if you do)


  1. Hi Cate ~ I would LOVE to receive a card all the way from Australia. :o) I'll email my address to you. You are way ahead of me with your cards. I have a full plate and am in the process of deciding what to let go...I must be realistic because I'm not going to get it ALL done. Hahaha.

    Enjoy your holiday preparations!

  2. Hi Cate, I would love a Card from Australia, I would be very happy to send one back to you from England too. Will e-mail you

  3. I can't wait to see what they look like.


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