Monday 14 December 2009

riley is 3 months old

{late again, but you'll never know}

- you weigh 7.16kg (15.8lb)
- mum can't find the tape measure to see how long you are
- you only wake twice at night for feeds (definately loving that you sleep with us so we can achieve this!)
- you have "big foot disease", no socks fit you, but you're feet are still cold!
- you still don't really have a sleep pattern during the day, but you go down for an hour about an hour after you wake up (which ranges from 6.00am - 7.30am)
- your little big sister still loves you, but you startle when she yells at you
- duddles is finally brave enough to ask if he can hold you, and loving you, too
- the big big sister sometimes takes mothering too far, as all big sisters can do

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