Wednesday 10 March 2010

words on wednesday

For a very long time, my philosophy on life has been that if something is important enough, you find a way to make it happen.

 And just this morning, while driving home from mums group I had an epiphany, when I realised that if I want to create, and particularly scrap, then I need to make the time for it to happen. In fact, that awesome piece off to the side in my profile was written in response to a question Shimelle asked on her blog many moons ago (well, August last year) about how to make time to do the things you love. I don't know where I pulled my profound advice from

the things you love ARE the things that really need to get done… as women, not just mothers, we all have a tendency, for whatever reason, to put “everything else” before our own needs and wants, but sometimes the only way to get through the day is to put “everything else” in a big pile, ignore it, and get on with doing what WE want to do

but I haven't been very good about following my own advice. Here is Shimelle's response to her own question. [yes, I am going to go back and read both those posts I have linked to, and try to figure out what it was that spoke to me]

So, back to the donut, or more acurately, the sprinkles. That's right, sprinkles. Now, most everybody who reads this blog reads it because the world of blogs and scrapbooking collided late in 2009, so I'm guessing I don't really need to introduce anyone to Stacy Julian. And I probably don't have to explain her philosophy for scrapping, and sprinkles, do I?! Did you read this weeks sprinkle? After my "make time if it's important" epiphany this morning, this sprinkle just sang to my heart, so while the kids are having their afternoon naps (right now), I'm going to shut the computer down, wander into the kitchen (where there is a small stash of scrappy and fabric goodness) and play...

ETA - I managed to get ribbon cut for three taggie blankets before Riley woke up, and two pinned together before everone else woke up/returned from school. I was pinning the third when Steve got home from work, and gave up at that point. But they are ready for sewing the next time I pull my machine out.


  1. Taht's wexactly what I have to do Cate. I usually get both boys down together late morning and usually have a good hour to go scrap. My scrap room is outsideish, so I set the baby monitor up in the hall so i can hear both boys in both rooms and then go scrap.
    It's either then or at night, but I'm trying to get more early nights in, plus the light is so much better in the day.
    Can't wait to see some new creations Cate!
    Well done and Sprinkle away!

  2. I found your page through the blogroll in Shimelle's forum. I'm glad I stopped by. I love what you've done with your page and I can totally relate with needing to set aside time for myself. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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