Saturday 11 December 2010

is reverbing changing your life?

It must be, because it's changing mine!

 I have a feeling that my one little word for 2011 is making an appearance in my life! (Have you seen the new class from Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes? I'm signing up!)

I've going to choose ten blogs each day from the list of participants, and read and comment on their blogs. It will take me out of my comfort zone, and get me back in the habit of commenting, something I tend to shy away from. Did you know there are over 2000 blogs registered, and over 3000 people signed up to receive email prompts? Now that's one big community!

How is #reverb10 touching your life?


  1. thanks for both the ali edwards link and the suggestion. i didn't even realize there was still a list of participants! i've been so frustrated trying to find people's prompt links via twitter that i felt too discouraged to actually read posts and comment. you're already helping me expand my community!

  2. hi there.
    it's funny, i've had many emails in the past of bloggers saying hi, but they would rather not comment or afraid to. but comments are just little hellos in cyberland and they make a big difference to bloggers. it's community, connection.
    even just a "hi, liked your post" is worth it.

    i think it's great you're pushing yourself to touch others.


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