Friday 17 December 2010

#reverb10 - 11 things

I realised earlier today that I'm going to the effort of commenting (and in some instances, following) blogs from participants, but I'm not updating my blog! I'm not committing to any consistency with only only eight sleeps until Christmas and, but stranger things have happened, and some of them have happened to me!

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? 

1 - clutter. Hands up if you don't have some clutter somewhere in your house? I know I'm drowning in clutter in, and I'm at the stage where I want to stop talking about sorting it out and getting rid of it, and actually sorting it out and getting rid of it.
  • action step - one room each month, starting with the front room on January 15th. (I've realised just this week that if everything is written on a calendar, then chances are more likely that I will follow through and actually complete the task/pay the bills on time/cook the food I bought for Tuesday's dinner)
2 -  procrastination. Is there anybody who doesn't procrastinate, just a little bit? I'm not sure if there is a sure fire way of ending my procrastination tomorrow, but it's at the point of crippling me and affecting my family, so I need to take action.
  • action step - write three things on a to-do list every day, not including housework. These tasks must be completed within a reasonable time frame each day (I work better before lunch, so always try to get things done in that time frame) For the first month, reward on completion will be 30 minutes blog reading time. For the second month, reward on completion will be 30 minutes creating time.
3 - magazines. Even in the digital age, there's just something about holding a magazine in your hands, reading short articles, looking at photos, drooling over recipes. But I have.too.many.magazines. From my desk I can see three piles in front of the book case as tall as the armchair beside them.
  • action step - no magazine purchases in January. Reward on completion - Crafty Kid by Kelly Doust No magazines purchased in February - reward on completion - new subscription to Creating Keepsakes US
4 -  blogs. This is the digital age mentioned above. At last count (5 minutes ago), I subscribe to 409 blogs. There are currently (as of 5 minutes ago) 550 posts waiting to be read, over 300 of which relate to scrapbooking. I'm constantly finding new blogs to read, new things people are saying, and new things I need to hear, but it's out.of.control.
  • action step - reduce blog feeds to 300 by the end of January. Create a bookmark folder for blogs that I enjoy reading, but don't need to read regularly (scrap challenge blogs, blogs that haven't been updated for months) Reward for completion - Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey
5 -  10kgs (22lbs). I've had two babies in 3 years, and have neglected myself in that time. I'm not excessively overweight, but I have that charming belly known as an "apron", and it makes me uncomfortable. I've already signed up for Wellness Journey at Big Picture Classes, and we're finalising the purchase of a treadmill this weekend so I can exercise even with the kids at home.
  • action step - look into Weight Watchers online for guidance changing eating habits. Further actions and rewards to be advised
6 - bad book keeping habits. Steve and I started our own business in February. I don't enjoy doing the paperwork for the business (updating expenses, creating and sending invoices, etc) so I leave it. And leave it. And leave it (see point two). And while it doesn't detrimentally affect our business (because things get done eventually) it does create more stress between Steve and I, something that neither of us really needs.
  • action step - complete all documents needed for company tax return by end of January. Reward for completion - 5 metres of fabric
  • action step - complete BAS requirements by due dates (January, April, July) Reward on completion - 2 metres of fabric per date
7 - yelling. I yell too much. Steve yells too much. The kids yell too much. It's not good for any of us. It's a bad habit we need to break. But I don't know what the solution is.
  • action step - investigate better methods of communicating with children . Reward to be advised.
I'm going to leave my list here for now. I think this is quite an extensive list of things I'd like to leave behind in 2010, and I'm hoping I can achieve these goals!


  1. I can relate SO much to your list! Purging can be fun, though; we just completely cleaned out our attic (we HAD to do it because our heating unit went out and the workers COULD NOT WALK THROUGH TO DO THE REPAIR!) Half of what was up there went in the trash, about a third to the thrift store and the rest I'm keeping. And I feel GREAT about it all!

    Best of luck on the rewards! Love that you give yourself fabric! :-)

  2. Great list of things!! Good luck!!

  3. good luck making changes in 2011 - everyone needs to change something i think! Start small though...people often start big and get snowed under. Sewgorgeous here from swap-bot. Happy blogging!

  4. Great List....I can relate!

    I'm following you

    End of the year blog comment

  5. Hi, I'm akilovessweets from swap-bot.
    Thank you for sharing this great list :) Good luck!

  6. Hi! I would love to live behind a purple door!! =)
    Merry Christmas from Virou (swapbot)

  7. I love the way you've thought out the things you want to leave behind AND included action steps and rewards. I'll "see" you in the Wellness Journey workshop!

  8. Wow, that prompt is great! I may have to be posting something about 11 things I don't need in 2011 in my blog. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Glad you joined the comment swap!

    -kkgalien from swap-bot

  9. I signed up for that class, too, at BPS. I'll see you there on the boards...also, read your post from the 8th and had a similar experience with a scrapbooking community I was part of. It get's easier when the 'break' isn't so fresh. Hang in there Cate!


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