Saturday 30 April 2011

did you watch?

I wasn't completely sure, over the course of the week, whether we would actually watch the wedding on Friday night (our time.) While both Steve and I have English heritage (and even twenty years after leaving, he still speaks with an English accent of some description), neither of us are staunch Royalists or Republicans. I guess you could say Steve is noncommittal, and I'm usually busy with kids, meals, reading blogs in the evening.

But I turned the computer off, sat in front of the tv, and watched until they were headed to the Palace. By then, everyone except Riley was asleep, and he was desperate to sleep (and so was I), so we switched off, and went to bed glowing with the warmth of another moment in history that we witnessed (and can say to the world in twenty years time "I watched...", just like we've been doing about Charles and Diana's wedding this past week)


  1. nice effort ;]
    I fell asleep on the couch just when they were saying their vowes. I was eager to watch that bit. Kate was so pretty! So fairytail-ish
    Anyway, cool blog!

  2. Not a royalist (didn't watch Charles and Diana either) but the kids had it on so I did see parts of it.
    Just catching up on my blogging and loving your photos :)


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