Friday 7 October 2011

100 days to Christmas | gift wrapping

I think taking the time to wrap a gift nicely is just as important as choosing an appropriate gift for someone.

I love the look of plain, simple wrapping, with bright ribbon.

This would be so simple to do.

I love this gift wrap for a book.

I only seem to have pinned kraft wrapped presents.

I guess something like these will be under my tree this year!

{FYI - Australian readers, you can buy big rolls of paper from InkyCo, who's parent company is The Wrapping Paper Co}

Do you prefer plain wrap, or printed?



  1. I am doing a Kraft (aka brown paper lol) Based wrap this year too!
    One of the advent activities with the kids is to get them to stamp and paint the rolls of kraft with red and white paint. Then I'll crochet chain 'ribbon' in red and white to tie the presents up.
    I have a stamp and punch set in the shape of a bauble from Stampin Up and I'll be making our tags from that this year too.

  2. I like all kinds of wrapping. We tend to pick out a new paper each year to wrap our gifts to each other. We use all the leftovers the next year for family & friends gifts. I like the gift wrapped book with the library card tag - think I'll try that sometime.

  3. I love beautifully wrapped presents....but actually hate wrapping them!! Those brown ones with just a ribbon and stamped name would be perfect.

  4. I LOVE wrapping's one of my favourite parts of Christmas! I haven't decided how to go this year yet...we are actually very limited here in Spain, as it's still not such a big holiday here
    Alison xx

  5. I love Christmas wrapping paper, printed and patterened :) although I think the ones you've shown are lovely.

  6. I bought a big roll of brown paper from officeworks maybe three years ago now and it has wrapped Christmas and birthday presents. Very economical with some ribbons from a discount shop. Thanks for the ideas, will need to work out what we're doing this year.

  7. Nice round up of ideas! I write a blog about gift wrapping and kraft paper is definitely a staple for me. But I also love using other items (a purse, plastic wrap, a dishcloth) to mix things up. Glad to have found another gift wrapping aficionado!


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