Sunday 16 October 2011

meanwhile, in other news

I was invested as a Joey Scout Leader at the start of September.

I've set up a facebook page for my blog.
Now if you want to keep your profile personal, you can still see my blog.
{but I'd still love you to be friends with me!}
Click the picture above, or on the right hand side to be taken there.

The postman finally brought this book to me

I tried to make a padded bag for my instax.
I forgot to allow for seams (and all the padding)
back to the drawing board.

Riley has learnt how to work the "mamra" on our iGadets.
There are lots of photos like this on each of them.

Ignore the super-unflattering photo, and check out the funky bike.
Notice the trailer on the back - all the elements for mum-bike-rides-with-small-children
{I had forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike, and how many muscles you use!}

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  1. Hi Cate ~ I love this post with random photos! Congrats on becoming a scout leader, and I love the bike with the child trolly attached. :o)

    BTW, I made a little zipper bag for Carrie and it just so happened to fit her instax camera perfectly. Probably couldn't do that again if I tried!


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