Wednesday 29 February 2012

words on wedneday | survey says

Thank you to everyone who answered my survey last week! I figured out, with much muttering-under-breath, how to create charts in Excel and make them purple!

It seems that most readers of this blog are scrapbookers, bloggers or crafters, with 12% family (hi mum!), and 13% other (all of the above)

43% of readers found the blog through one of Shimelle's classes, reading for longer than one year. (Chances are the class in question is Blogging for Scrapbookers, first run in 2009, as that's when most of us "met") Although 14% of readers found the blog through a forum (which I haven't been an active part of since 2009), and 29% followed links from other blogs.

{this was hard to understand in shades of purple}

Overwhelmingly, 21% of readers come here to scrapbooking layouts, which I haven't been doing many of lately. Tutorials, photos and can I borrow that idea? are popular posts, as were some of the 100 days to Christmas posts. And nobody likes reading the memes from other blogs (like Piquing my Pinterest - which is okay with me if you like can I borrow that idea? instead!)

 The only change that was suggested was som consistency, something I'm working on so I can post 100 posts for 100 days to Christmas this year. I also need to follow through on the committments I make to myself, I've missed some pretty great guest post opportunities in the last couple of months by not following through.

This was the most random fact that was shared. Because of the way I wrote the survey I have no idea who it's from (although thanks to survey monkey I just clicked a link and found out who it is, but I won't out you!)

Have you ever surveyed you blog readers?


  1. I surveyed my readers once during the class so maybe a few years ago but don't even remember what my topic was

  2. I don't mind owning up to the sushi random fact. The idea of it doesn't do anything for me at all.


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