Thursday 1 March 2012

can I borrow that idea? | slow cooker recipes

I've had a slow cooker since Steve and I met, but I had only used it once until recently (when I tried this recipe). I cooked a recipe out of the book that came with the cooker, and really didn't like it. In fact, we put half in the freezer, and many months later fed it to the dog, cause we really didn't know what it was (I didn't label it) But now that some of my week is insane with programming/running/meetings for scouts, I had to try something to make my evening-meal-making time easier.

We love pork, it's our most-often cooked roast, so trying a new take on it is welcome.

After pork, chicken is next favourite. So mixing up the plan and having a roast mid-week is a great idea.

I've been over-cooking the macaroni recently, which results in soggy mac & cheese, so a new recipe to try might revive my recent love of this cheesy dish.

Potatoes, bacon, cheese, does anything get better than that?

Peach cobbler. We don't eat many desserts, but I can see this one becoming well-cooked during winter, although I'll have to be careful - I'm the only one who likes peaches!

What ideas have you been borrowing this week?


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  1. I love the way the house smells when you get home in the afternoon when you have dinner in the crock pot. Those potatoes with bacon and onions look scrumptious!


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