Friday 4 May 2012

5 {things right now} on friday

Thank you for all the support with the whole Chloe situation. I can't share more about it, mostly because I don't know any more, but it's also not the sort of story I want out on the internet. To be perfectly honest, it's the sort of situation where I am going to lose my daughter, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

I bought a pair of skinny legs jeans recently. My first-ever. They are super-trendy coloured jeans from Emerson at Big W. (I bought the burgundy, because the purple was too. big!) They feel beautiful to wear, nice and soft (I was asked if they were velvet), but jury's out on the skinny leg cut. Maybe getting some super-cute (and almost impossible to stand for long periods of time) ballet flats, instead of my tap-tappy black shoes, will change that feeling.

I was lucky enough to get my own iPad a couple of weeks ago. (The new iPad3 has awesome graphics!) I have always loved printing out class materials, but I'm also loving the flexibility of loading PDFs onto my iPad and reading them wherever I am. (I only figured out how to load PDFs onto Steve's iPad the week before I got mine. That's kind-of why I wanted to get one.)

The food at retreat last week was simply awesome! But would you believe, I was the only person photographing the food?! (except breakfasts, forgot the phone) Coming soon to a layout. (and I'm working on a retreat recap post for Sunday)

This girl has been sick this week. And she's home from school today for the second time. The weather is cooling down, and she's my asthma baby (Chloe is, too, but that's a whole other story.) Night coughs suck when they lead to vomitting.

What's on your mind right now?


  1. my son has exercise induce asthma - makes life interesting!

  2. Stay strong Cate...things can still change!
    Alison xx


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