Wednesday 2 May 2012

things I'd tell my daughter

my favourite Chloe photo
 take a photo and email it to your mum so she has a current photo for your birthday post next week.

go to your school councillor and ask if you can call your mum reverse charges, I'll accept the call

I love you no matter what is going on, even if I don't know what is going on.

you are beautiful.

I don't know if you like One Direction, or Nickelback, or whoever is the current favourite group

I don't know if you've cut your hair, or if you still have that annoying-to-a-mother-whispy-bit hanging in your face

I don't know what teddy bear you hug at night.

Or who makes you cry at school

Or if there's a cute boy you have your eye on.

But I love you

We all love and miss you.


  1. Oh Cate. This post makes me feel so sad. I can't begin to imagine how you cope with not knowing how she is or what she is doing. I really hope that she makes contact very soon to put your mind at rest. She knows how much you love her and that love is unconditional. Teenage girls don't realise the pain they can cause sometimes.

  2. Gee thanks i needed a cry :(

  3. I too hope you hear from your daughter before her Birthday...I really admire you for dealing with her long absence and the lack of contact...hopefully she'll realise what she's missing out on soon!
    Alison xx

  4. dear Chloe, please!!! {{{Cate}}}


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