Tuesday 26 June 2012

behind the scenes

If we're friends on facebook, you might have heard me whining recently about the demise of my dishwasher (and the ensuing attitude from the big boy), and singing last weekend when my new one was installed after a month of sentry duty in my lounge room.

But the process of installing the dishwasher involved destroying and removing the cupboard from under the sink, which was badly water damaged. But on destruction of said cupboard, we discovered that the drawers beside were also badly water damaged. So we removed them as well.

I love my dishwasher. It cleans really well. I'm getting used to looking for cutlery in the pile of drawers in the dining room. And the cleaning fluids are in the bathroom if I decide I need them.

What's happening behind the scenes at your place?


  1. I can imagine the happy dance when you ran it for the first time, I hate ours and wish it would just die. We are still in the year of purging and reorganizing but seem to need a jumpstart @@

  2. I hate it when you discover other things that need to be fixed. That always happens to me. Looks like a great new dishwasher. Rachel x

  3. I'm in the midst of moving things around - combined two guest rooms into one, moving my craft room to a room all by itself, adding a workspace for Robbie in the office, switching items from one closet to another. Lots of work, but the results will be fantastic.

  4. I recently had some dishwasher drama at my house too! Mine got moved INTO the kitchen, so much better. It is now 7 billion times quicker to load and unload that thing. Found your blog via Mamabake :-)


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