Wednesday 20 June 2012

things I'd tell my daughter

I know it sounds obvious, because I scrapbook, and you've had a camera in your face for years, but now that you're {not here} and I can't photograph you, you need to pick up the slack.

Photograph your first pair of high heels, and your new winter slippers. Photograph the walls of your bedroom plastered with posters, and the books you read each night. Photograph the cake you baked for someone's birthday, and the flowers you pick from next door's yard.

Photograph the people who are important to your everyday - the teachers and friends and bus driver if he's important. Photograph the shops you visit once a week, or the special occasion trips you make.

It might not make sense to you now, but one day, you'll be eating dinner with your little girl, chatting about your life as a kid, and she'll ask "do you have a dad, mummy?", and you won't be able to show her any photos of him {and you know that's because he has them all, not because she didn't want to}

Besides, if you take the photos, I can still share part of your life by looking at them with you. Because the smallest details are just as important as the big picture.



  1. I so wish I had read this when I was 12!

  2. You are right..there are so many things I wish I had photographs of!
    Alison xx

  3. I have lots of pics of chloe over the past 2 years she has grown into a very lovely young lady. just wish her mind was never poisoned by a horrible person. good luck :)


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