Monday 27 August 2012

less pinterest more do

We're planning another camping trip in the near future. One of our requirements for camping is toilet facilities, but the kids and I feel like dorks walking through a park with a roll of toilet paper in our hands. Enter this pin, and an idea was born!

It was a little bit difficult cutting the tin (husband ended up resorting to the angle grinder, but a string of holes drilled the length of the tin would also work.)

Make sure you thoroughly wash the tin after cutting, those daggy filings will hurt if they get stuck in the paper!

Have you been inspired by pinterest to create this week?



  1. That's brilliant, and it's reasonably waterproof - perfect for camping! I think I need to make one of these before camping season.

  2. I was going to use the same exact word as LWD..brilliant!


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