Monday 24 September 2012

blogging from the heart | 10 things you don't know about me

In five years, I've probably written lots about me. But if I think carefully, I can probably find something you know nothing about.

Like the fact that I have a tattoo. It's a butterfly. Yes, nice girls do have tattoos.

stretch marks and all
And I haven't visited the dentist for a long time. Because once-upon-a-time, a dentist said to me "the reason you don't like needles in your mouth is because it's so close to your brain." Without even considering that I didn't like needles, because I didn't like needles.

I was involved in student politics when I was at university. And I fiercely believed in feminist mothering (and I met Andrea O'Reilly at a conference in 2005)

I was going to leave Steve about six months ago. I was fed-up with the constant excuses for not-doing-stuff and the constant you-fix-it attitude. The not-doing and attitude is still there, I just deal with it differently.

I don't like peas. In any form. Because when I was a kid, I watched my cousins squeeze the guts out and leave the skins on the side. The idea that peas have an inside and outside just makes me gag. Silly, I know.

I don't like spiders. But I'm the resident spider-catcher in our house. I have an aunt who is so deathly afraid of spiders that she gets the pest control man to remove the carcasses after he sprays.

Families-of-origin are hard work. I'd love to be able to spend time with my sister in a way that nourishes us both, but I'm lucky if I can spend an hour with her once a year without losing my patience and yelling at her. And I don't know how to change that, because we live so far apart that we never get the chance.

On the other hand, my brother lives around the corner. Literally. On the same street as me. He used to live downstairs!

I used to be a waitress. And I loved it! But I loved working functions best; one-off events where I could help make it successful by providing a service that every one enjoyed. But I hated working at the footy.

My not-quite-finished university degree was a Bachelor of Arts. I had finished one major, in ethics, and was working on two minors, in counselling and family services. My GPA was a pretty average 4.8. I don't have any plans to return and finish in the foreseeable future (in fact, I think they phased the degree out in 2008, so I'd have to start from scratch somewhere else.)


  1. What an interesting list of items about you Cate. I totally agree - families of origin are hard work!

  2. Well that list runs the gamut. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A very eclectic mix - intriguing - having a bit of trouble coming to grips with creating my list

  4. The pea guts one made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing the silly and the serious so that we know Cate better ;)


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