Sunday 2 September 2012

dear September, please slow down!

I'm just home from a great weekend of camping (my unplugging time)

The kids are clean, the washing machine is running, the fridge is unpacked

this lovely goanna wandered around our campsite for a couple of hours yesterday
 I've switched on the computer

111 emails

Discover that I need to complete the scouts workbook before attending training in 4 weeks

{mutter under my breath, because I asked if I could do the training one-after-another, and was told it was ok. Four weeks ago. So I've lost 4 weeks I could have been using to finish off the workbook. Another thing to add to this week's to-do list}

Read email from Big Picture Classes about new material being available for Move More Eat Well and One Little Word

{vow that this month I will read the class material, not just download it}

Read first prompt from Learn Something New Every Day

{get super-excited about the new prompts, and rethink the idea of not doing the class}

Read prompt five of Path Finder

{remember I didn't write anything for prompts 3 or 4. Vow to "catch up" tomorrow}

Read notification from 30 days of Lists blog

{remember that I haven't finished putting that album together. And am now two days behind}

Delete everything else.

{think about actually emptying the email rubbish bin. But I often have to go looking for something, and will regret it when I do. It's only been a year since I last did it. Remember, the old computer still has all those email you want to retrieve. It's only been a year since the upgrade}

How was your weekend? Did you unplug?

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  1. So glad you had some unplugged time! I've been on and off the computer throughout the weekend - just now enjoying some blog reading & Storytelling Sunday posts.


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