Monday 1 October 2012

back to basics | sharing permalinks

Permalink? What's that? And why do I need to know how to share it?

A permalink is the link that will take someone directly to a post on your blog, rather than just linking them to your blog. For example, if I wanted to share my post from Friday on Facebook, then I could link to my blog on Friday, and it will be the first post they see. But what if I want to share the post again next week? A whole week of posting has gone by, a link to my blog won't bring up that post first.

So, how do you find the permalink? Click on the title of your post. You'll see a link similar to the one circled above. See how the title of the post follows my blog URL? If you share this link, people will be able to go straight to your post.

This is especially helpful in these days of Pinterest. How many times have you checked a pin weeks later, and not been able to find the article you pinned? Because the blog has shared posts, and the one you want is lost (unless you're really patient, and can find it again.)

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