Monday 15 September 2014

for 8 you get pottery

gosh, the kids are young here!
This jetty is closed now. A hugely popular spot for wedding photos that was damaged in the 2011 floods, and has been closed for assessment and repairs since late 2011.

man, I loved that dress!
Steve has asked me no less than 3 times in the last week when our wedding anniversary is. He even asked when the footy grand final was. Because, unbeknownst to me at the time, his first wedding was also in September.

I haven't worn my wedding ring for years - babies and carbs will do that to you. But I do love it.

I only recently threw out the top of the cake (and if I hadn't, I would have lost it last week when Sophie accidentally kicked the plug for the freezer out!) Chocolate mud cake is pretty fabulous, though.

Once upon a time, I had this crazy idea that we would renew our vows after ten years. Now, we've decided that we're going to do something just for us. We're in planning mode already, because there's no doubt about it, we're both here for the long haul.


  1. Happy Anniversary - Love the purple dress and icing!

  2. Happy anniversary! We should have guessed you would have a lovely purple dress! Lovely photos.

  3. Happy tenth! You were a beautiful bride, love the purple and orange.


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