Monday 24 November 2014

the summer of yes

I say no to my kids

a lot

I don't know if it's more or less than other mothers

but I've started to notice recently that I say "no" just to stop them

make them go away

without really listening to what they're asking

and I don't like it.

I don't like the parenting I am doing

and in some ways, it's not surprising that they're a whole lot just a bit naughty at times

I wonder if I said "yes" more often, if they wouldn't ask for so much stuff?

If I said "yes" to every icy pole and biscuit and turn under the sprinkler, and time on the ipad, would they self-regulate better?

or would it backfire, and they'd eat a bag of popcorn for breakfast, and soft drink before bed?

I think I need to have a go at saying yes more often*

- because I'd like to think that my kids have better self-control than I give them credit for

I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by them

It could be a interesting summer

* within the bounds of safe & sensible, I'll say yes to everything for the month of January, and make note of what happens for all the kids. Call it an experiment, if you will.


  1. That'll be interesting. Hope you don't end up having maccas for dinner every night, although I remember one day when I was in primary school we had maccas for lunch and dinner and it was pretty much the best day of my life!

  2. I am touched by your self-awareness and desire to try something different for a better outcome. Saying 'yes' more is bound to give you fresh information on which to base future decisions. Looking forward to hearing how it goes ...

  3. Oh how FUN - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as the kids!

  4. You really are such a good mum.......looking forward to hearing how it goes xx


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