Wednesday 19 November 2014

today you are thirteen

Dear Douglas

today you are thirteen

Is being a thirteen year old boy different to being a thirteen year old girl?

I guess we'll find out in the next couple of months 

- although it probably can't get any worse than twelve has been

You've discovered tinkering - currently, you're trying to build a usable scooter from two rusty ones

And since we started saying "yes" the crappy outbursts aren't as common


You've gotten taller in the last couple of months, and thinner, if that's ossible

but you've hit the hungry-boy stage, I think

You told the hairdresser you wanted a "Justin Beiber" haircut

{yep, I hate it! but you like it, and it's just hair}

and we invested in face cleanser on the weekend, and I've been showing you how to use it

but I can't let this day pass without saying thank you to your mum,

she did the sleepless nights when you were little.

it's been almost ten years since she passed, so you probably don't remember her well now

but she'd be proud of you - a great big brother to all the kids,

respected by your peers at school

a good friend and scout

and {except for a few small glitches} a good kid all round

Happy thirteen, Douglas


  1. Happy birthday Douglas! He's so grown up now, and it sounds like you are very proud of him. Hope he enjoys being a teenager x

  2. Hope he had a great day....and I love the hair even if you don't! X

  3. Ah, what a lovely tribute to him (and his Mum) - many congratulations all round!


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