Saturday 2 May 2015

day two | reading right now

I realised recently that I was pinning and saving links on facebook without actually clicking through to read the article. Probably because my attention is divided by children, so it's easier to click save in the hopes of coming back... but one day hasn't happened yet. (I have over 500 links saved, oh my!)

Here's just a recent selection
You can always check out my seen around the web pinboard, or just follow me on pinterest

{life behind the purple door}



  1. It's amazing how much information we can find to read later! I really don't save much to read online and I haven't started pinning because I'm afraid it would just collect pins that I never returned to. One of my goals with INSPIRATION this year is to limit it to what I can actually utilize in some ways.

  2. Great selection there, Cate. I've been saving links on Facebook too, I really should start reading them all.

  3. I'm rubbish at remembering where I saw something! I really ought to bookmark more carefully.

  4. I am an avid reader so this was a fun topic to blog about.


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