Monday 31 August 2015

Review | Easyread Time Teacher Clock

This product was gifted.
Easyread Time Teacher Clock $44.95
Our house is full of digital clocks, on microwaves, tv screens, iPads, and even clocks! And while they've been great to teach Riley number recognition, they haven't been that great for teaching time. Douglas got a watch for his birthday last year, and the difference we saw in his ability to tell time was amazing!

So we started hunting for a better clock for our kitchen. I love this Easyread Time Teacher Clock because it's so much bigger than the old clock we had - it's 35cm across, and the numbers are 3cm high. Because of the different colours on the clock face, we've been able to explain to Riley about "past" and "to" when telling time, while Natalie is working on estimates "it's about twenty to four" and Douglas is able to quickly glance at it and remind us that it's almost time for the next meal (I think he's starting to hit that teenage boy growth spurt!)

The Easyread Time Teacher is also available as a watch (and Riley's birthday present is sorted!), and there's a different colourway for the clock face if you want it to match bedroom decor. I kept the old M&Ms clock, but I don't think I'll be putting it back in the kitchen any time soon, the kids are having too much fun learning to tell time with this one.

To celebrate Riley's birthday, Sweet Elephants is giving readers 15% off clocks and watches, using the code purpletime15 until September 14th.


  1. Thank you so much for your post Cate. We are thrilled that the kids are enjoying the clock and learning to read analogue time. It can be so tricky. A big happy birthday to Riley! :)

  2. Its such a cool product to help them tell the time. I'm sure Riley will love the watch.

  3. What a fantastic clock! This is something I totally want to get my hands on when Little Miss Raj wants to learn the time. And a watch - definitely a cool present. Thanks for joining #reviewroundup. Love this review!


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