Saturday 26 December 2015

10 must take photos on Christmas Day

There's a lot of pressure on Christmas ro be perfect, but kids don't remember the perfect, they remember the moments that make up the whole. Grown ups, on the other hand, have failing memories, and need photos to remember how much things change, and stay the same.

The family photo No matter what your family looks like, or how you come together on Christmas Day, a family photo is a must - to show you together as a unit, to capture your growth over the past year, and to say "we were here"

The tree ready and waiting for presents. The tree looks different each year, but the small traditions of setting out pillowcases, and the debate over their nameless state, are memories to treasure each year.

Presents under the tree I take this photo on Christmas Eve, because you can almost guarantee that small fingers will move things around in the early morning!

The quiet moments If you saw my kids on a daily basis, you'd think they didn't like each other, but moments like this disprove that notion.

The food So many celebrations revolve around the food, so capturing those photos can show the food traditions we keep, and the new ideas we try.

 The new purchases made for this year, and tucked away already for next year

Using the gifts As much as we try, it's hard to convince the kids they don't have to open every box on the day, so take a moment to photograph them using the presents instead.

The unexpected moments Like kids creating table centrepieces

The family moments Where they turn the Xbox off, because an old toddler game is more fun

The gifts Whether handmade by kids, or purchased at a shop, remembering each item in five or ten years will be hard, so snapping a quick pick means the world.

How was your Christmas?


  1. You took way more photos than me. I was too busy running around like a crazy person worrying about hosting. Next year I vow not to stress as much.

  2. It occurred to me late on Christmas night that I hadn't taken one photograph of the day...well done you for doing so! xx


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