Tuesday 5 January 2016

Last First Starting Daycare

She sat to the table with the kids this morning, quietly eating her breakfast.

"shower me mum", she said, when it was time to get dressed for the day.

"drink bottle bag", she said, helping to pack*

The car pulled up in the car park

"daycare me", she said, and she put her bag on her back.

Across the car park she marched, avoiding the umbrella, not worried about the drenching rain falling.

"help me mum", she said, remembering that we discussed holding hands on steps yesterday.

She lead the way down to the toddler wing, right up to the door. Her teacher opened it up, and said "welcome Sophie."

And then it was done. Sleeping bag in the cupboard, lunch box on the table, ready for morning tea, and a kiss goodbye for mum.

Oh, but mum's heart was breaking.

A quick stop to chat to the centre director, who was Chloe's teacher all those years ago, and a quick phone call to the room to hear that she cried for a few minutes, then sat with the others eating morning tea.

Our last first day of daycare is done.

* the drink bottle, after diligently being carried around all morning, never made it to daycare, and has disappeared into the unknown.
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  1. Oh, I would have cried too. My eldest is about to start school so that'll be my next cry. Hopefully it starts AFTER she's made it to the room and I don't set her off, too! #teamIBOT

  2. Awww I hope she enjoyed her first day. I am going to be shocking too when my youngest starts Kindy! My Aunty has already suggested I go to her place afterwards to cry on her shoulder. I remember when my eldest started kindy I sat out in the car park for like 1 hour to make sure everything was ok :)

  3. Oh she sounds so confident! Hope the transition is smooth for everyone x

  4. Awww! This tugged at my heartstrings this morning. I hope she had a great first-day. And I hope her mom is doing well too! xo

  5. Ah, you have prepared her so well ... Hoping day one went well and that there will be compensations in seeing her off to explore the world ... Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

  6. Oh it's so sad to see them grow up isn't it?
    And so happy too. We are blessed to see them grow.

  7. What a special milestone! Our little one has to change child care centres because I'm on maternity leave and can't drive the half an hour each way to her old CC near work. A little bit heart breaking! But I know I'll be a better mum if she goes one day a week while I'm home with the new bub :)


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