Monday 27 February 2017

Hello Monday

hello organising This seems to be an ongoing part of our lives. Probably perpetuated by the boxes that are still packed away in the shed from when we moved into this house (almost ten years ago) But with a few appliances breaking down at the end of last year and being stacked in the shed for later, later never came until now. And with Steve's new job and schedule, he's home more to get stuff done (which has been sorely lacking over the last six months)

hello mopping Housework has been the bane of my existence for forever, but eventually the kitchen floor gets so sticky that there's no avoiding the need to mop. And it's always such a relief when it's done, but getting there takes a huge effort!

hello blender shopping It's the small things that fill my days this week. Douglas has been obsessed with smoothies for a couple of months now (to the point that it is just about all he is consuming, a whole other issue in my world!), but my 18 year old blender has finally given up and died. Which means I'm on the hunt for something small, simple to use, and relatively cheap that can still whizz up a frozen banana (one of the upsides of Steve's old job is the freezer full of bananas!)

hello bullet journal I'm in my fourth year of using the bullet journal system for tracking my life, and I have finally figured out that the key to making it work is actually writing in it! Not to say that I didn't write in it in previous years, the pages of each journal are stuffed with ideas and recipes, and notes of stuff happening; but to look at it every day, to take the time each evening to write out tasks for the next day (or more often at 5am) that's how I've been keeping up with things this year. And I don't feel as if my head will drop off, because I'm writing it all down, so don't have to try and remember it al!

hello March It's just a couple of days until the new month is here. I'm not quite sure if I should be jumping with excitement because it's birthday month, or screaming "slow down" because the year is almost a quarter done! A new month means trying new things, and working hard on crazy ideas, and lots of chocolate cake!

hello Monday, a new start every week.



  1. I have about 7ftx3ft of floor in my kitchen. I can't even bother myself to wash that most weeks. Housework's the worst.

  2. Ahh mum life, isn't it grand?!
    Thanks for linking up with All Mum Said for #MummyMondays

  3. I'm jumping with excitement about March cos SURELY that means it's gonna get cooler!

  4. I detest mopping too Cate - I honestly only do it when I can no longer get away without it!

  5. Mopping was on my list of things to do today, but sadly I couldn't squeeze it in (note the sarcasm). But I did vacuum so that's something! :)

  6. The only time mopping is good is after a party and it's that stickiness you're mopping away...other than that, meh.

  7. I hate that stickiness...we notice it much less without grandkids in the house for sure. I like how you are finding the work for Steve to do too!! Share the load I say. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next Week: Must Watch TV.

  8. oh I hear you on the mopping! I did have good intentions this morning, but it's almost lunch and I have no motivation to mop the floor! Maybe later, as I noticed I had chook poo on my shoe earlier, so it defintely needs to be done!

  9. What a lovely photo - fresh air and smiles, despite the misery of mopping. Hoping that your birthday month has lots of good things in store. There's got to be lots of goodness in smoothies, right? Can you slip in some greens under the radar?


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